11-12 March 2019
Bldg. 8600, Room C 152
US/Eastern timezone
The PPU project aims to double the beam power capability of the SNS accelerator from 1.4 to 2.8 MW, by increasing the beam energy from 1.0 to 1.3 GeV and increasing the peak current from 33 to 46 mA. The Ring Systems scope involves replacing three magnets in the ring injection area, upgrading the injection and extraction kicker systems, adding a beam imaging system and a wire scanner system to the Ring Injection Dump, reassessing the power rating of the Ring Injection Dump, upgrading the substation power transformer cooling, upgrading the Ring Service Building power supply cooling system, adding a PFN Room cooling system, and adding a beam power limit system. Also, a new RTBT Stub will be built. The PPU-Ring Systems part of the RTBT Stub effort is to design the earth berm shielding, design and install a temporary shield wall, and install a Chipmunk personnel protection radiation system monitor. Most of this scope has already been reviewed in individual, focused, preliminary design reviews. The purpose of this Ring Systems Preliminary Design Review is to review the overall Ring Systems scope.
Bldg. 8600, Room C 152
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