Polarized Neutron Diffraction and Spectroscopy: Applications to Quantum Materials

Building 8600, C-156 (Spallation Neutron Source)

Building 8600, C-156

Spallation Neutron Source


Polarized neutron measurements allow one to better understand intertwined orders in quantum materials by unambiguously distinguishing between the structural and magnetic scattering features and determining the direction of magnetic moments and their fluctuations. The main goal of the workshop is to make polarized neutrons more accessible and popular with a wider scientific community in the USA. The workshop is designed to educate the rising user community to the level where they can confidently design and propose new experiments, and independently process their data to efficiently extract the essential information.

The workshop is intended for graduate students, post-docs, or scientists who are wishing to extend or strengthen their expertise in neutron scattering into the realm of polarization analysis. The workshop will include lectures that will introduce the participants to the key concepts and applications of diffraction and inelastic polarized neutron scattering techniques. It will also identify which polarization techniques are available at ORNL, by showcasing recent and planned instrumental developments in polarized neutrons at the SNS and HFIR facilities. A hands-on experiment is planned using the polarization configuration at HYSPEC and will include data processing and reduction using the Mantid package.

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