Magnetic Structure Determination from Neutron Diffraction Data

A202 (Shull Wollan Building)


Shull Wollan Building

Building 8630

About the School

The school will provide hands-on training on how to determine magnetic structures from powder and single-crystal neutron data. The techniques of representational analysis and magnetic space groups will be introduced and used in a series of examples.

This school is a mini version of the Magnetic Structure Determination from Neutron Diffraction Data (Magstr) school and will be held at ORNL on the three days prior to the Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference, also held at ORNL that week. (

Lectures and hands-on tutorial sessions will cover:

  1. Symmetry analysis using representation theory and the SARAh program
  2. Magnetic space groups using the Bilbao Crystallographic Server
  3. Refinement strategies using the FullProf Suite
  4. Magnetic structure determination from powder (constant wavelength and time-of-flight data) and single-crystal data (constant wavelength)

The school is intended for graduate students, postdocs, and research scientists who have a working knowledge of crystallographic refinement and will benefit from incorporating the techniques of magnetic structure determination from neutron diffraction into their research.

Software downloads

FullProf (which includes Basireps) and SARAh software will be used for hands-on examples. The following links will take you to the download pages:


Workshop Organizers

Administrative Support Angie Woody
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