Future Muon Source Possibilities at SNS Workshop

Clinch River Cabin

Clinch River Cabin

Gregory MacDougall, Travis Williams (ORNL)

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is a world-leading center of neutron science, with excellent infrastructure for materials research, robust facility user programs, and a broad portfolio of science in related areas.   At the present time a project is underway to develop a conceptual design for a second target station at the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS).  This project would also involve upgrades to the proton accelerator complex, which may allow for additional possibilities for enhancing the effectiveness of the facility.

This workshop will take place Thursday, September 1st to Friday, September 2nd and will consider whether it makes sense scientifically and technically to utilize protons that would otherwise be directed to a beam dump to power a μSR, β-NMR or related facility.  If feasible such a facility would be complementary to the neutron science programs and enhance the overall user programs in materials research.  The aim of this workshop will be to discuss the scientific challenges that can be addressed by neutrons together with a spin-polarized muon / ion source, the technical requirements for building such a facility, and the perspective of the μSR user community on their desire for such a source.  The product of this workshop will be a Report, which will include recommendations for the feasibility and value of a spin-polarized muon / ion source at the Second Target Station and provide a roadmap for the development of such a source in the immediate future.

Sharon A. Porter
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