Neutron Imaging: Application to Materials Science

Shull Wollan Center (Bldg. 8630) Room A202

Shull Wollan Center (Bldg. 8630) Room A202

The “Neutron Imaging: Application to Materials Science” workshop is scheduled to take place Wednesday, May 25, 2016, at the Shull Wollan Center on the Oak Ridge National Laboratory SNS Site.  

The workshop will consist of presentations and group discussions that will cover Advances in Neutron Imaging for Materials Science, High Entropy Alloys, Additive Manufacturing, Plastic Deformation, Phase Transformation and Texture Development in Structural Alloys, and Exploiting the Multi-Modality of Neutron Imaging Including Diffraction Contrast Tomography. Presentations will be held in the morning, followed by brainstorming discussions in the afternoon.

The confirmed list of speakers includes: Professors Peter Liaw, Hahn Choo, and Dayaker Penumadu. Participation in the workshop is by invitation only. Registration is free.

Workshop Organizers


  • Allen Haynes
  • Edward Andrew Payzant
  • Gian Song
  • Hassina Bilheux
  • James Morris
  • Jean Bilheux
  • Louis Santodonato
  • Peter Liaw Liaw
  • Philip Bingham
  • Stephanie TerMaath
  • Thomas Watkins
  • Todd Toops
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