ORNL Neutron Science Lectures

Single-Mode Fiber Optic Strain Sensor Measurements for SNS Target T14

Conference Room C156 (Bldg. 8600)

Conference Room C156

Bldg. 8600



In this talk, we will report our recent R&D on the strain sensors made from Fluorine-doped single-mode optical fibers that have a strong radiation-resistance at the 1300 nm wavelength range. We have designed the sensor based on a low-coherence interferometry to obtain high signal-to-noise ratios. A phase shifting detection scheme has been employed to track the strain change at high speed (200 kHz bandwidth) and high accuracy. The sensors were mounted directly on the target mercury vessel in the interstitial space between the mercury vessel and the outer water-cooled shroud and the strain measurement has been conducted on the Target 14. The initial experimental results demonstrated that the developed sensor was able to measure  strains of the target at the 1 MW neutron production beam up to over 600 MWhr. The seminar will also include a brief discussion on how these data are useful in the context of target design improvements.

Host:  Mark Wendel

Speakers: Yun Liu and Drew Winder