ORNL Neutron Science Lectures

There’s Something About A Neutron

Conference Room C156 (Bldg. 8600)

Conference Room C156

Bldg. 8600



Ever since the discovery of the neutron in 1932, its structure and behavior has been studied intensively, for example at ORNL.  However, new puzzles and surprises on the behavior of neutrons keep emerging as experimental techniques have improved over the years, challenging our understanding on the neutron’s structure.  New observations on neutron behavior,  under the bombardments of a high energy electron beam with respect to the neutron spin orientation, were reported recently by Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration (Experiments E06-010, E05-015 and E07-013), using a transversely polarized neutron (3He) target.  For the first time, experimental evidences were established for:

1.     Neutron spin-dependency in elastic e+N scattering (Transverse Single-Spin Asymmetry).

2.     Neutron spin-dependency of produced hadrons (pions and Kaons) in e+N reaction (Transverse Single-Spin Asymmetry).

The experimental techniques and results will be explained in this seminar, with some detailed illustration from lessons learned on experimental operation and safety considerations, and on addressing major radiation safety concerns.


Host:  Michael Stafford

Speaker:  Dr. Xiaodong Jiang, for Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration