DISCOVER Beamline Workshop

Bldg. 8600, Conference Room C156 (Spallation Neutron Source)

Bldg. 8600, Conference Room C156

Spallation Neutron Source

8600 Spallation Drive Oak Ridge, TN 37830
Katharine Page (ORNL), Lisa Bain (UT-Batelle), Mat Tucker

Neutron Sciences at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) cordially invites the participation of all interested community members to the workshop DISCOVER: ORNL's Total Scattering Beamline for Materials Discovery.

For several years, the materials, chemistry, and quantum condensed matter communities have advocated for a rapid acquisition, medium resolution, quiet and stable diffractometer for the First Target Station (FTS) at the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS). That instrument has become a priority in building out the FTS suite at ORNL.

The DISCOVER instrument, ORNL’s total scattering beamline for materials discovery, will be optimized for studying real materials in their operating environments from day one, and is intended to supply the scientific community with a platform for ground-breaking investigations into the delicate interplay between spin, lattice, and orbital degrees of freedom in disordered crystalline solids and nanostructured materials, as well as kinetic studies of crystalline solids. It will be the world’s highest resolution dedicated total scattering instrument. The total scattering holds the key to determining the crystallographic average structure as well as the local structure, often responsible for the physical properties of complex materials. An executive summary of the initial beamline concept is available here

We look forward to working with the community in developing a mature beamline concept and beamline development proposal intended for the Neutron Sciences Directorate management at ORNL.

Goals for the workshop DISCOVER: ORNL’s Total Scattering Beamline for Materials Discovery include:    

•       Defining the science mission and opportunities for DISCOVER
•       Solidifying key design criteria for DISCOVER
•       Initiating the collaborative efforts of an Instrument Advisory Team (IAT) for DISCOVER
•       Reviewing preliminary engineering and neutronics calculations for DISCOVER 
•       Outlining a preliminary beamline development proposal for DISCOVER 

Patrick Woodward (Ohio State University)
Katharine Page (ORNL)

Confirmed External Participants:
Simon Billinge, Columbia University & Brookhaven National Laboratory
Michelle Dolgos, Oregon State University
John Evans, Durham University
Andrew Goodwin, Oxford University
Despina Louca, University of Virginia
Tyrel McQueen, Johns Hopkins University
John Mitchell, Argonne National Laboratory
Efrain Rodriguez, University of Maryland
Chris Wiebe, University of Winnipeg
Patrick Woodward, The Ohio State University


  • Andrew Goodwin
  • Christopher Wiebe
  • Despina Louca
  • Efrain Rodriguez
  • John Evans
  • John Mitchell
  • Katharine Page
  • Michelle Dolgos
  • Patrick Woodward
  • Simon Billinge
  • Simon Kimber
  • Tyrel McQueen
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