18-19 September 2018
Building 8600
US/Eastern timezone

The dynamics of soft-matter entails motions occurring over scales ranging from the single particle to the continuum, hydrodynamic limit and applies to either coherent displacements of particles, or diffusive, incoherent translations and rotations of molecular entities. The proposed workshop encompasses a unique opportunity to explore the complementarity of the most prominent and versatile methods for studying nano- to meso-scale dynamics: quasi-elastic neutron scattering and inelastic or coherent X-ray scattering. The workshop brings together experts from the research areas of soft and bio-materials in a common effort to realize the potential for a synergistic combination of the above techniques. We will use the workshop to address how the synergy of the techniques, which collectively cover time scales from seconds to femtoseconds, will help the scientific community to better understand dynamical processes over disparate timescales in programmable metamaterials or bio-inspired hierarchical structures exhibiting new functionalities, samples in extreme or out-of-equilibrium conditions, and novel composite materials additively manufactured for energy applications. 

Workshop Organizing Committee: Laura R. Stingaciu, Wim Bras, Volker Urban, Mike Fitzsimmons

Workshop Advisory Committee:  Ron Pindak, Dean DeLongchamp, Alexander Hexemer, Chenhui Zhu, Piotr A. Zolnierczuk 


Building 8600
Room C-156
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