WAND2 -Possibilities and New Science through a 2D-PSD (Satellite to Neutron Scattering User Meeting)

Bldg. 8600, Conference Room C156

Bldg. 8600, Conference Room C156

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 37831 Tennessee, USA

The WAND² diffractometer at HFIR HB-2C beamline has been recently upgraded and is now a very powerful, versatile diffractometer. Based on flux, signal to noise and data acquisition system it is among the world’s best instruments with a 2-dimensional position sensitive detector (2D-PSD) on a continuous source.

WAND² is a unique instrument on the American continent being the only 2D-PSD diffractometer on a continuous source. The most established 2D-PSD instruments (WOMBAT at ANSTO, D19 and D20 at ILL, E2 at HZB) have shown that these are powerful instruments having high efficiency for fast data collection, the option to do this in event mode and cover a large volume in reciprocal space. The fast data acquisition led to the use as fast powder diffractometer where the increased efficiency of the 2D-PSD allows the realization of in-situ and in-operando studies. Reactor sources still have the edge on the time averaged flux over spallation sources and irreversible in-situ studies can be most efficiently done at the modern 2D-PSD diffractometers. 

They are also perfectly suited for other science cases (single crystal studies, membrane materials, texture analysis) where their strengths can decrease the necessary measurement time significantly.

This one day workshop will feature talks by international and domestic experts working with 2D-PSD diffractometers and allow for discussions with the WAND2 instrument team.

The program (please see agenda) is aimed to attract new users and young scientists who like to learn about the performance of WAND² and the advantages of WAND² for their specific scientific question.

This workshop is a satellite to the 2019 Neutron Scattering User Meeting.
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  • Adam Phelan
  • Aleksandr Ivanov
  • Alexandria Bone
  • Anatoliy Senyshyn
  • Andrew Payzant
  • Andrey Podlesnyak
  • Anjana Samarakoon
  • Antonio Moreira dos Santos
  • Bryan Chakoumakos
  • Camden Hubbard
  • Chathurika Kosgallana
  • Christina Hoffmann
  • Damilola Akamo
  • Dustin Gilmer
  • Efrain Rodriguez
  • Emily Kroll
  • Fankang Li
  • Gabriela Schröder
  • Gabriele Sala
  • Graham Smith
  • Igor Gussev
  • Jaime Fernandez-Baca
  • James Kammert
  • Jaroslaw Majewski
  • Jeffrey Bunn
  • Jiayong Zhang
  • Junjie Zhang
  • Katie Andrews
  • Ke An
  • Kevin Berry
  • Koji Kaneko
  • Kuo Li
  • Lisa Debeer-Schmitt
  • Lowell Crow
  • Manjula Senanayake
  • Margarita Fomina
  • Masaaki Matsuda
  • Matthew Tucker
  • Matthias Frontzek
  • Nathan Peterson
  • Neil Schaknowski
  • Niina Jalarvo
  • Olena Korotych
  • Palani Raja Jothi
  • Ryoji Kiyanagi
  • Samuel Evans
  • Shalika Meedin
  • Shuo Qian
  • Songxue Chi
  • Stephen Purdy
  • Stuart Calder
  • Suzanne Parete-Koon
  • Teerth Brahmbhatt
  • Tongxin Zhou
  • Vanessa Peterson
  • Wenduo Zhou
  • Wenrui Zhang
  • Yadu Krishnan Sarathchandran
  • Zhiqiang Cao
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      Speaker: Matthias Frontzek (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Neutron Scattering Division)
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