WAND², like its predecessor, WAND, is a neutron science instrument in the US-Japan Cooperative Program on Neutron Scattering that enjoys tremendous support from the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA). In May 2018, the Institute for Solid State Physics (ISSP), with the support of the JAEA, organized a workshop at the University of Tokyo, titled, “Present and Future of Neutron Scattering Research on Condensed Matter Physics--Future Perspective of US-Japan Cooperative Program on Neutron Scattering,” where the first results from WAND² were presented.

This year, from July 15–16, 2019, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) will host the 37th Joint Meeting of the DOE-ISSP and DOE-JAEA Steering Committees. The meeting will cover strategic aspects of the US-Japan collaboration.

A workshop, held the day before the joint US-Japan Steering Committee meeting, will provide a venue for scientists from JAEA, ISSP, and ORNL to meet, discuss the latest developments in instrumentation, and look at areas where WAND² is complementary to the Japanese neutron scattering instrument suite and where synergistic efforts for increased collaboration can be found. The workshop features participants from JAEA, ISSP, and ORNL, and all interested scientists are invited.

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