13th International Workshop on Spallation Materials Technology



The International Workshop on Spallation Materials Technology (IWSMT) is the premier international forum to present and discuss the latest research and development of materials utilized in spallation sources and accelerator driven systems (ADS). It is also an outstanding forum for exchanging information from operational experience and post irradiation examination (PIE) of irradiated specimens and components.

The thirteenth meeting of IWSMT will again focus on the progress with materials-related studies for accelerator based neutron sources and on issues with operating and future spallation facilities. Our intent is to promote open discussion of the latest material advances and challenges and to encourage new international collaborations. For this meeting organizers would like to invite collaboration with colleagues in the High Energy Physics and Radioactive Ion Beam communities in order to facilitate and promote cooperation between the different international communities that share many common materials-related challenges.


  1. Effects of radiation damage, helium, hydrogen, and other transmutation elements in target and structural materials

  2. Operational experience and results from PIE of irradiated components

  3. Research in the area of mitigating pressure wave effects in pulsed targets, i.e., cavitation erosion and fatigue

  4. Research and development (R&D) of spallation targets for neutron and ADS applications

  5. Source technology and engineering: fatigue analysis, welding, weld evaluation, and thermo-mechanical/fluid modeling

  6. Production and handling of volatile transmutation elements and activated target components

  7. Innovative materials technology and techniques for R&D of applications with extreme irradiation environments

  8. Application of materials data to the design and safety study of components in spallation sources and ADS systems


Presentations and Publication

Accepted papers will be presented as invited, oral, or poster.

High-quality full papers with sufficient materials science and engineering content relevant to journal themes will be selected by the organizers to be included in a special volume of the Journal of Nuclear Materials.

Information on the scope of the Journal of Nuclear Materials is located here: http://ees.elsevier.com/jnm/

  • Adrián Aguilar Villamor
  • Alessandro Marino
  • Arghya Dey
  • Barbara Horvath
  • Bernie Riemer
  • Charlotte Barbier
  • Chunjing Li
  • Cody Campbell
  • Dan Coates
  • Dan Wilcox
  • David McClintock
  • Drew Winder
  • Eric Pitcher
  • Fernando Sordo
  • Frank Garner
  • Franz Gallmeier
  • François-Xavier NUIRY
  • Hayato Yamashita
  • Igor Remec
  • Irina Popova
  • James Hyres
  • Jemila Habainy
  • jing liu
  • Jozef Snopek
  • Judy Potok
  • Kavin Ammigan
  • kenji kikuchi
  • Koichi Sato
  • Leslie Jones
  • Louis K. Mansur
  • Marc Kickulies
  • Mark Rennich
  • mark wendel
  • Michael Wohlmuther
  • Milan Konstantinovic
  • Patrick Hurh
  • Qiu Xu
  • RuiQiang Zhang
  • Sabine Curry
  • Shaohong WEI
  • Shigeru Saito
  • Shunsuke Makimura
  • Srinivasan Iyengar
  • Steve Zinkle
  • Steven Lilley
  • Stuart Maloy
  • Takashi Naoe
  • Takashi Wakui
  • Tarik Saleh
  • Thomas Shea
  • Viacheslav Kuksenko
  • Vladimir Krsjak
  • Wei Lu
  • Willem Blokland
  • Yannick Bessler
  • Yong Dai
  • Yong Joong Lee
  • Zhiguang Wang
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