24 September 2021
US/Eastern timezone

Workshop on Accelerator Driven Systems 

Accelerator Driven Systems - subcritical reactors driven by high power proton accelerators through a spallation neutron target which is coupled to the core – have been studied since the early 1990s. The main potential application are transmutation of nuclear waste and energy generation. 

While experimental ADS are being built in Europe (MYRRHA) and Asia (Chinese ADS), there is no comparable effort ongoing in the US.  ORNL is the optimal institution in the US to develop ADS given the existing core competencies in reactors and high-power accelerators. 

This Workshop gathers ORNL experts in reactors, accelerators and targets to assess the overall status of ADS initiatives, to explore meaningful and actionable tests to advance ADS R&D, and to explore future collaborations and funding opportunities.