Sep 19 – 21, 2022
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
US/Eastern timezone

During the (virtual) 39th meeting of the steering committee of the US-Japan cooperative program on neutron scattering in 2021 the successful re-start of the JRR-3 reactor was announced. After being dormant for 10 years many instruments need to be upgraded/modernized. At ORNL, the HFIR Beryllium Reflector Replacement also offers the opportunity to upgrade/modernize instruments. The longstanding collaboration is already working on projects relevant for both HFIR and JRR-3. One example is the realization of a multiplexing triple-axis spectrometer with inverse Rowland geometry at JRR-3 which might be an option for the new cold triple axis at HFIR. The proposed workshop aims to bring together the leading scientist from JRR-3 and HFIR to present instrument upgrade plans and identify future possibilities for collaboration

The workshop features participants from JAEA, ISSP, and ORNL, and all interested scientists are invited. It will be hosted at ORNL 19th to 21st of September 2022.

Please register to attend. Deadline for registration is 07/25/2022.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
8600 C-156