The long-standing scientific collaboration in neutron scattering between the US and Japan through the US-Japan Cooperative Program on Neutron Scattering has proven highly productive both in scientific publication as well as instrument developments. The US-Japan program is historically focused on the reactor sources, HFIR at ORNL and JRR-3 in Tokai. To increase knowledge transfer through the collaboration, a reoccurring idea is to have the possibility of an extended stay of scientist from the US at JRR-3 and scientist from Japan at HFIR, working together with the instrument teams. Especially from the ORNL side, possibilities occur with decreased number of cycles leading up to HBRR and the outage during HBRR currently planned for 2028.

The workshop features short back to back talks on related topics to illustrate the current developments and identify fields to collaborate.

This workshop aims to formulate a whitepaper/memorandum from the instrument scientists side on:

  • The different science directions these collaborations are working on
  • On the mutual benefits of shared development
  • The extend to which urgent proposal from HFIR could be transferred to JRR-3
  • Duration of stays
  • Support through the partnering organization (accommodation, etc.)
  • Open questions

The whitepaper/memorandum is intended to form the foundation of a scientist exchange program through the US-Japan Cooperative Program on Neutron Scattering.

The workshop features participants from JAEA and ORNL All interested scientists are invited. It will be hosted at ORNL on Wednesday 2nd of August prior to the meeting of the steering committee on US-Japan Cooperative Program on Neutron Scattering.

Please register to attend. Deadline for registration is 07/14/2023.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
8600 C-156
Registration for this event is currently open.