Sep 21 – 22, 2023
SNS, Building 8600
US/Eastern timezone

Wireless Network

As a visitor to Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), access to the ORNL wireless network is available to you in many of our buildings. To gain access, you must have a PC or other portable device with wireless capability. If your PC or portable device does not have wireless capability, a limited number of wired-to-wireless Ethernet bridges may be available from your host organization.

Logging into the ORNL Wireless Network

You must log into the ORNL Wireless Network by opening a window in a Web browser. Attempting to access the network through an email client or other network application will not redirect you to the Log-in Page.

  1. Complete the following steps to log in to the ORNL Wireless Network.
  2. Connect to the ORNL Wireless Network via wireless connection or via ORNL Visitor wired connection (where available.) (Network name = ornl-visitor)
  3. Open a Web browser and attempt to access any website. The browser automatically redirects you to the login page.
  4. Enter the appropriate information in the fields provided (i.e., Name, Contact Number, and Email Address.)
  5. Review and accept the "Accepted Use Policy." (Required)
  6. Click Connect.


  • You will be brought to a window with a countdown. This is normal and will take approximately one minute to connect you to the network. Due to content caching, some smart phones may display the registration page even after being registered. Restarting the phone's browser or turning the phone off and back on should resolve this issue.
  • Registration of your device for visitor wireless access will expire after one (1) year. At that time, you will be required to register your device again to regain visitor wireless access.

[A PDF version of these instructions is also available.]

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