Mar 26 – 27, 2024
Building 2040
US/Eastern timezone


The purpose of this Preliminary Design Review is to assess whether the design is sufficiently mature to proceed to the final design phase. 

Specific questions that the committee should address are as follows: 

  1. Have system requirements been defined, and are they complete and adequate to ensure acceptable system performance?
  2. Is the proposed design expected to meet the functional and performance requirements, and are interfaces properly identified and defined? 
  3. Have appropriate options and alternatives been considered in selecting the design approach? 
  4. Is the proposed design sufficiently mature to proceed to final design? 
  5. Have major project risks and safety hazards been appropriately identified, characterized, and mitigated? 
  6. Does the project execution according to the acquisition plan and manufacturing plan seem reasonable and adequate? 


The committee is asked to evaluate the submitted documents and presentations along the criteria cited above and establish an overall recommendation on readiness to proceed


Comments and recommendations in each area should be separated into two categories, namely, those that need to be addressed prior to proceeding to final/detailed design, and those that should be addressed in due course during the final design process. 


Committee members 

  • Drew Winder – SNS (Chair)
  • Franz Gallmeier – SNS 
  • Jacob Platfoot – SNS
  • Zvonko Lazic – STS Instruments


Project team

  • Jim Janney – Lead Engineer MRA
  • Bill Goosie – Designer
  • Min-Tsung Kao – CFD
  • Thomas Mcmanamy – FEM
  • Steve Schrick – Lead Engineer Remote Handling
  • Igor Remec - Neutronics
  • Lukas Zavorka - Neutronics
  • Steven Trotter – Safety and ESH
  • Daniel Lyngh – Group Leader


Building 2040
Room E278