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Topic:  High Flux Isotope Reactor instrument improvements provide new capabilities for world-leading research

Teams at the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR), which restarted October 29, 2019, took advantage of an extended outage to complete facility improvements and significant upgrades to 10 of 12 neutron scattering instruments. Designed to provide new and important scientific capabilities, the HFIR instrument upgrades include more advanced beam delivery systems, enhanced sample environments, better optics, and improved data acquisition systems and detectors. Of the 10 instrument projects, five were considered major upgrades.

This webinar will provide the opportunity to learn the details of the new capabilities from instrument scientists before the deadline for submitting proposals for experiments anticipated to run May to December 2020. Proposals for beam time at HFIR and SNS will be accepted via the web-based proposal system until noon (EDT), February 26, 2020.

Preview what the seminar will highlight by watching videos highlighting the improvements that occurred on 5 beam lines. The videos are available to view by clicking on the instrument names below.

Wei Tian, HB-1A, Fixed-Incident-Energy Triple-Axis Spectrometer (FIE-TAX); Jeff Bunn, HB-2B, Neutron Residual Stress Mapping Facility (NRSF2); Huibo Cao, HB-3A, Four-Circle Diffractometer (Single Crystal); Lisa Debeer-Schmitt, CG-2, General-Purpose SANS (GP-SANS); and, Shuo Qian, CG-3, Biological SANS (Bio-SANS).

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