April 6, 2021
US/Eastern timezone

The Proton Power Upgrade Project is underway at the Spallation Neutron Source at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and will double the proton beam power capability from 1.4 MW to 2.8 MW to provide increased neutron intensity at the first target station and to support future operation of the second target station. This will be accomplished by increasing the beam energy to 1.3 GeV and the beam current to 38 mA (average during the macropulse). The high intensity beam for both first and second target station is challenging for the target design. Other accelerator-based facilities are facing similar challenges as the beam power is increasing. Target design heavily rely on simulations to optimize the production and the cooling of the target itself.

Scientists of all disciplines interested in target simulations and current challenges associated with it are invited to this virtual even. This workshop will also be used what should be the long term strategy for Target simulations and will be used as inputs for the Snowmass 2021 effort to provide a scientific vision for the future of particle physics in the U.S. and its international partners, in particular for the targets.

The workshop is organized around invited talks from SNS and other neutron sources facilities. The focus of these talks is to present the modeling method and the current challenges. At the end of each talk, some time is reserved for questions and discussions. At the end of the workshop, a discussion breakout session is planned to identify a long term strategy for target simulations to address higher proton beam power.