We propose to build a wide-angle spin echo instrument (EXPANSE) at the Second Target Station (STS). This instrument will become the workhorse instrument for scientific problems that involve high-resolution (neV‑μeV) dynamic processes in a wide range of materials. EXPANSE will incorporate wide angle detector banks that will provide approximately two orders of magnitude Q-range, and a wavelength band that can provide approximately four orders of magnitude in Fourier times. This instrument will offer unique capabilities that are not available in the currently existing NSE instruments nor in the US, which is to visualize local slow-dynamics in real-space and tim, and also to enable time-resolved studies with NSE. The range of science areas in which this instrument will contribute is diverse and will include soft matter, biological materials, ionic liquids, unconventional magnets, quantum materials, and molecules in confinement. We anticipate that this townhall meeting discussions will be informative for both defining future capability requirements and developing new science programs best suited for the EXPANSE.

This meeting will be conducted via Microsoft Teams. Please see the agenda for information and links to the meetings. 


EXPANSE: Time-of-Flight Wide-Angle Neutron Spin Echo Spectrometer