We propose to build an advanced small- and wide-angle scattering instrument at the second target station (STS) of ORNL that provides best in class resolution, dynamic range, and unique spectroscopic capabilities. The instrument will maximally leverage the STS source, state-of-the-art neutron optics, and detectors to deliver an unprecedented capability that enables assessment of a wide range of length scales with excellent resolution, measurements on smaller samples time-resolved investigations of evolving structures. Beam polarization and a high-resolution chopper will enable the detailed structural and dynamical investigations of magnetic materials and quantum materials. The unique characteristics of the new spectrometer make it optimal for time-resolved studies of out-of-equilibrium structures commonly encountered in soft matter and biology when subjected to external perturbations. Moreover, its excellent resolution makes it ideal for studies of large-scale hierarchical structures, such as skyrmions, shear-induced ordering in colloids, and biomembranes. We anticipate that the discussions in townhall meeting discussions will be informative for both defining future capability requirements and developing new science programs best suited for this new instrument at STS. 

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