November 9, 2023
US/Eastern timezone

This workshop will offer a tutorial of Vulcan neutron data reduction and analysis to current and future Vulcan users. A tour to Vulcan with the detector upgrade is also provided and the new capabilities will be discussed. The workshop will help the participants to quickly learn the data processing and to have deepened scientific understandings on the neutron data as well as the instrument capabilities.

Vulcan is designed for deformation, phase transformation, residual stress, texture, and microstructure studies. It covers a broad range of applications in materials science and engineering, from residual stress determination in engineering components to understanding the fundamental aspects of material behaviors during synthesis, processing, and service. In the workshop, introduction is given on fundamentals of engineering diffraction, time event neutron data structure, data reduction and analysis approaches. In the hands-on tutorial, the participants will be guided to conduct user-interactive reduction of temporal and/or spatial neutron data, neutron data visualization, data analysis based on single peak fit and full-pattern refinement. Participants are welcomed to discuss the process of their own Vulcan data. The sections of Q&A and participants discussion are included as well.

We will accept up to 30 participants. Preference will be given to active and future users who can benefit from engineering neutron diffraction. A working lunch, refreshments and a dinner with poster viewing are provided. Registration is free. The deadline of registration is September 1, 2023. Selected applicants will be notified.