Sep 4 – 6, 2023
SNS, Building 8600, Room C-156
US/Eastern timezone

Site Access Requirements

Please note that workshop registration does not indicate ORNL site access approval. The US Department of Energy requires ORNL to process all external guests for final approval.

Effective March 30, 2015, ORNL became fully compliant with the REAL ID Act.  This Act requires that anyone accessing a Federal Facility, which ORNL is, must present a compliant form of identification. If you are from one of the noncompliant states or have a license that states “Not for Federal Identification” you will need to provide another form of approved identification. Here is a list of acceptable identification if you are from one of these states. If you are from a non-compliant state or have the license that states “Not for Federal Identification” and you do not have another form of compliant identification, ORNL will allow you to access the site, but you will be required to be escorted during your visit. 

Foreign national visitors must always present a Visa and Passport upon arrival at the ORNL Main Visitor Center or the Chestnut Ridge Visitor Center.

Preparation for Badging:

Effective February 1, 2019, all foreign national visits to ORNL will require the submission of a curriculum vitae/resume for PAS processing.

Resumes/CV must cover the last 10 years or until an individual’s 18th birthday whichever occurs first, without gaps. Beginning with the present and working back. 

  • The CV must include all employment, unemployment, and self-employment activities and education history. 
  • Employment should include start and end dates, employer name, job title, and job description. 
  • Education should include academic institution name, start and end dates, field of study, and degree earned. 
  • If you graduated high school less than 10 years ago, please list your high school under your education section and year of graduation. 
  • Include a list of all science and technology specialties. 
  • If you have any gaps within the last 10 years, please list what you were doing during that time frame (e.g. seeking employment, volunteering, studying for entrance exams, family leave, etc.).

Visitors who do not have compliant identification will have escorted access to ORNL and its facilities.

If you have questions, please contact the Neutron Sciences User Office at 865-574-4600 or You may also contact the ORNL Visitor Center at

For more information on REAL ID or acceptable forms of identification, please see and/or