This workshop is a satellite workshop with the ACNS 2024 conference to be held in Knoxville. The workshop aims at providing general users knowledge of neutron total scattering techniques with experience in data processing, the importance of which is usually underestimated during data analysis. In most cases, the difficulty in data analysis and/or the potential for wrong conclusions drawn from the analysis originates from a lack of understanding of the data processing and that the data can often be improperly processed. Though the data reduction and processing is expected to be done by the instrument team, the complexity of the total scattering data in terms of scaling data onto the absolute level and the sample specific contributions means in most cases careful post-processing is necessary. Through this workshop, general users will be taught about the importance of each of the data post-processing steps, especially when trying to perform reverse Monte Carlo (RMC) modeling. You will learn how the data is processed, the importance of each step and how to perform post-processing of your data.

Participants of this workshop are expected to have basic knowledge and understanding for the total scattering technique since the workshop is going to dive into some in-depth details about the data processing in preparation for further analysis.

Crowne Plaza Knoxville Downtown University 401 West Summit Hill Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee 37902 United States
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We will accept 30 participants. 

Registration for this event is currently open.