June 28, 2024
ORNL, Building 8600 at SNS, Room C-156
US/Eastern timezone

About the Workshop

The workshop will serve as a platform for in-depth discussions on diverse facets of data analysis in small-angle scattering, utilizing advanced techniques. Renowned experts will deliver detailed lectures on machine learning, simulation, software development, and data mining, all of which are instrumental for pioneering discoveries in small-angle scattering measurements.

Advanced data analysis in small-angle scattering

Traditional small-angle scattering measurements necessitate significant human involvement, and the subjective evaluations from individuals at varying levels of expertise can lead to markedly different outcomes. The integration of machine learning, powered by extensive datasets, promises to enhance both the efficiency and automation of this process. By applying machine learning models, the subjectivity inherent in model selection during curve fitting can be minimized, thereby reducing uncertainty. This approach is intrinsically linked to simulation and data mining, as the compilation of a robust training dataset is critical for developing an accurate model. Furthermore, the adoption of software and the creation of specialized computer programs play a pivotal role in the successful implementation of machine learning techniques. Advances in data analysis methodologies in this domain have the potential to significantly boost productivity and lead to novel discoveries in materials science from small-angle scattering measurements.

Workshop Location

The workshop will be held in-person at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in building 8600, room C-156. 

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Workshop Organizers

  • Yingrui Shang - shangy@ornl.gov
  • Lilin He - hel3@ornl.gov
ORNL, Building 8600 at SNS, Room C-156

We will accept 30 participants.