June 28, 2024
ORNL, Building 8600 at SNS, Room C-156
US/Eastern timezone


*Final Agenda Coming Soon!


Tentative Agenda:

This workshop is a composition of a series of talks on various topics relating to machine learning of small-angle scattering. Each talk takes 20-60 minutes, followed by discussion and a Q/A session. A tentative agenda is as follows:


Workshop start from 8:30am

  • Opening remarks
  • Topic 1: The Small Angle Scattering Biological Data Bank (SASBDB): Past/present/future perspectives in a world of ‘big data’, by Cy M. Jeffries, European Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • Topic 2: Reverse-Engineering Analysis for Scattering Experiments (CREASE) with Machine Learning, by Nitant Gupta, University of Delaware
  • Morning break, snacks
  • Topic 3: Interpretation, Extrapolation, and Verification: Putting Machine Learning into Practice at Scattering Facilities, by Qian Yang, Computer Science and Engineering at University of Connecticut 
  • Lunch talk: Introduction to Soft Matter Initiative at NSD
  • Lunch talk: Introduction to Software Development at NSD
  • Topic 4: Federated Machine Learning for Experimental Facilities, by Richard Archibald, Senior Scientist / Group Leader, Data Analysis and Machine Learning Group at ORNL
  • Topic 5: Scripting inside SasView: advanced applications in small angle scattering data analysis with sasmodels, by Caitlyn M. Wolf, NIST
  • Afternoon break
  • Topic 6: Recent developments of MCViNE and its applications at SNS, Garrett Granroth from SNS at ORNL
  • Topic 7 (tenative): Data analysis of anisotropic small scattering data

Workshop ends at 5:30pm


*   Lunch will be provided for all speakers and audiences during the workshop.

*  Snacks, desserts, and drinks available for morning and afternoon breaks.

*  Coffee available for the whole day.