Jun 4 – 5, 2019
US/Eastern timezone


Keynote addresses will be given by:

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Dr. Harriet Kung
Associate Director of Science for Basic Energy Sciences
Department of Energy



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Dr. John Tranquada
Group Leader
Condensed Matter Physics & Materials Science Department 
Brookhaven National Laboratory


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Dr. Efrain Rodriquez 
Associate Professor & Director of Chemistry Graduate Program 
University of Maryland


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Dr. Eugenia Kharlampieva 
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry 
University of Alabama at Birmingham


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Dr. Brent Heuser 
Associate Professor Head for Undergraduate Programs 
Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering
University of Illinois




Confirmed invited speakers and session leaders:

  • Ke An, Neutron Scattering Scientist, Materials Engineering, ORNL
  • John Francis Ankner, Neutron Scattering Scientist, Large Scale Structures, ORNL
  • Hassina Bilheux, Neutron Scattering Scientist, Materials Engineering, ORNL
  • Barry Bruce, Professor, Biochemistry, Cellular & Molecular Biology & the Microbiology Departments, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
  • Hans Christian, Division Director, Neutron Scattering Division, ORNL
  • Clarina Dela Cruz, Neutron Scattering Scientist, Powder Diffraction Team, ORNL
  • Luc Daemen, Neutron Scattering Scientist, Chemical Spectroscopy, ORNL
  • Fernando Esteban Florez, Assistant Professor, Department of Restorative Sciences, University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry
  • Lilin He, Neeutron Scattering Scientist, Large Scale Structures, ORNL
  • Ken Herwig, Deputy Project Manager of the Spallation Neutron Source Second Target Station Project Office, ORNL
  • Christina Hoffmann, Neutron Scattering Scientist, Single Crystal Diffraction Team, ORNL
  • Valeria Lauter, Neutron Scattering Scientist, Reflectometry Team, ORNL
  • Jue Liu, Powder Diffraction Beamline Scientist, Power Diffraction, ORNL
  • ​​Gary Lynn, Sample Environment Group Leader, ORNL
  • Hugh O'Neill, Bio-Labs Team Lead, ORNL
  • Katharine Page, Neutron Scattering Scientist, Powder Diffraction, ORNL
  • Daniel Pajerowski, Neutron Scattering Scientist, Direct Geometry, ORNL
  • Fulvia Pilat, Division Director, Research Reactors Division, ORNL
  • Andrey A. Podlesnyak, Neutron Scattering Scientist, Direct Geometry, ORNL
  • Shuo Qian, Neutron Scattering Scientist,  Large Scale Structures, ORNL
  • Adam Rondinone, CNMS Research Staff and Outreach Coordinator, ORNL
  • Nancy Ross, Professor of Mineralogy, Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Matthew Ryder, Shull Fellow, Chemical Spectroscopy, ORNL
  • Crystal Schrof, Scientific & Program Service Manager, Neutron Sciences Directorate, ORNL
  • Deepak Singh,  Assistant Professor, Magnetism and Superconductivity Research Laboratory, University of Missouri
  • Svetlana Sukhishvili, Professor, Director, Soft Matter Facility, Texas A&M University
  • Anton Tremsin, Full Research Physicist, University of California, Berkeley
  • Gabriel Veith, Thin Films and Fundamentals Team Lead, ORNL
  • Donghui Zhang, Professor of Chemistry, Louisiana State University