Tutorial Examples and Presentations

***Workshop presentations and tutorial material can be downloaded here by clicking on the presenters name***

Manu Perez-Mato Presentations and Examples
- Magnetic symmetry-based modeling of magnetic structures
- Hands on demonstration of Bilbao Crystallographic server: MAXMAGN, MVISUALIZE, k-SUBGROUPSMAG, MAGNDATA database etc
- How to report magnetic structures in publications and submit mcif files to MAGNDATA (tutorial)
- Articles of interest

Branton Campbell Presentations and Examples
- Representation theory in magnetic Structure Analysis/
Representation theory vs Magnetic Space group approach.
- Introduction to ISOTROPY and hands-on examples
- Symmetry of incommensurate magnetic structures: magnetic superspace groups/ Isotropy examples

Stuart Calder Fullprof Hands-on Examples
Two examples of Fullprof refinement of commensurate structures from constant wavelength neutron powder diffraction data
- Fullprof & Bilbao Magnetic Space Groups ["Cs2Fe2(MoO4)3_MagSpaceGroups_Calder2024"]
- Fullprof & SARAh ["Fullprof_Commensurate_MnPyz_Calder"]
- Several other examples are included

Ovi Garlea Fullprof Hands-on Examples and Presentations
- Overview of software tools for magnetic diffraction
- Multi-k magnetic structures from powder data

Clarina dela Cruz Presentations
- Overview of ORNL neutron facilities and instruments
- Proposal writing for neutron beamtime at ORNL