About the School

The 2024 school will be held at Kennesaw State University, Atlanta GA

Venue address for lectures and tutorials:

KSU Event Center (Kennesaw State University 3333 Busbee Drive MD#3301 Kennesaw GA 30144)

The school will provide hands-on training and lectures on how to determine magnetic structures from powder and single-crystal neutron data. The techniques and theory of representational analysis and magnetic space groups will be introduced by leading experts and demonstrated in a series of hands-on examples.

The format will follow past workshops with in-person lectures and hands-on demonstrations from experts in magnetic structure determination.

Lectures and hands-on tutorial sessions will cover:

  1. Magnetic space groups using the Bilbao Crystallographic Server
  2. Symmetry analysis using representation theory and the SARAh program and ISOTROPY Suite
  3. Refinement strategies using the FullProf Suite and GSAS-II
  4. Magnetic structure determination from powder and single-crystal data 

The school is intended for graduate students, postdocs, and research scientists who have a working knowledge of crystallographic refinement and will benefit from incorporating the techniques of magnetic structure determination from neutron diffraction into their research.

Workshop Location

The workshop will be in-person and held at Kennesaw State University, Atlanta, at the Kennesaw Campus.

Software Downloads

FullProf, GSAS-II, ISOTROPY, ISOTROPY and VESTA software as well as those found in the BILBAO Crystallographic server, will be used for hands-on examples.

Invited Speakers

Branton Campbell (BYU)

J .Manuel Perez-Mato

William Ratcliff (NIST) 

Workshop Organizers

Atlanta, GA