Oct 3 – 7, 2022
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
US/Eastern timezone


***Slides can be downloaded here by clicking on the presenters name***


William Ratcliff - Neutron scattering as a tool for magnetic structures determination


Perez-Mato slides :

- Symmetry based modeling and description of Magnetic structures: Magnetic Space Groups

- Hands on demonstration of Bilbao Crystallographic server: MAXMAGN, MVISUALIZE, k-SUBGROUPSMAG etc

-Description of Magnetic-CIF and MAGDATA database


Juan_Rodriguez-Carvajal  - Introduction to Fullprof Suite. Options to define magnetic structure models and future software developments


Andrew Wills (slides) -  

- Representation theory in magnetic Structure Analysis

- Demonstration of SARAh Representational Analysis


Brian Toby (slides) - Introduction to GSAS-II/ Magnetic structure in GSAS-II


Margarida Henriques -  Introduction to Jana