June 16, 2016 to July 28, 2016
SNS 8600
US/Eastern timezone

The Neutron Lifecycle Lecture Series aims at exposing the diversity of scientific and engineering challenges associated with the SNS and HFIR neutron scattering facilities. The lectures will follow neutrons from their release by nuclei to their interaction with samples and detectors to their ultimate fate as a colorful pixel in a scientific publication. The lectures will cover original technical topics of broad interest for research and technical staff at all levels from undergraduate student to division head. These lectures are inspired by Neutrons from Cradle to Grave, a lecture series held at the ILL in 2010 to broaden the “neutron culture” of its graduate students. Talks are approximately 25-35 min per speaker with questions from the audience encouraged.

Speakers' slides will be posted on this website after each lecture. Materials can be found at the bottom of this page.


SNS 8600
Iran Thomas Auditorium
Lecture 1a - Neutron Production and Uses at the High Flux Isotope Reactor - Kevin Smith.pptx
Lecture 1b - Making Neutrons at the SNS - Kevin Jones
Lecture 2a - Neutron Moderation - Erik Iverson.ppt
Lecture 3a - Neutron Scattering Sample Environments - Gary Lynn.pptx
Lecture 3b - Introduction to Cryogenics - Harish Agrawal.pptx
Lecture 4a - Science with Neutrons.pptx
Lecture 4b - Science with Neutrons 2.pptx
Lecture 6a- Neutron Detection with He3 - Kevin Berry.pptx
Lecture 7a - Reduction and Analysis of Neutron Data - Granroth.pptx
Lecture 7b - Modeling QENS with simulations - Borreguero.pptx